Saturday, July 15, 2006

Following the Goofy Plan

Since today the forecast was for 90F+ temps, I wanted to get my run in early.

I met, Bill and Mike a bit after 5:30 AM. It was humid and the sun was already up and hot. Mike ran the first mile with us at a 9:00/mi and then disappeared ahead of us. Bill and I continued on our 7 mile out and 7 mile back route along a local bike trail. We ran east into the sun. As the miles added up and as the sun got higher, the pace slowed. This was fine. It's a long easy run day.

Even though Mike ran out 8 instead of our 7, he caught back up to us at 9 miles and was off again into the distance.

I felt that I finished the last mile strong. I felt good. All in all a good early morning run. Bill and I completed our 14 miles by 8 AM. Not bad!

I'm 100% in sync with the "Goofy Plan" as I wrap up Week #1. The Walt Disney World Marathon and Goofy Challenge are a week closer and many steps closer!