Sunday, July 23, 2006

Goofy Week Three

Today is the start of Week #3 of the Goofy Plan. If you check out the details of the plan, it has me running 14 miles on Saturday followed by an increasing amount of miles the very next day, Sunday. My hyposisis is that two days back to back of endurance running is better than one long run a week with lots of short runs. The plan is likely an intermediate plan since it has a 14 mile run RIGHT at the end of the first week.

Still in the north woods this morning. 7 AM run. Refilled my bottles from yesterday. No fuel belt in my luggage so I'll carry one of these bottles and leave the other one at the finish. The temp is about 70F.

The start of Week #3 has a 9 mile run on the schedule. After my 14+ yesterday, my legs feel a bit heavy going up the first hill which is at 1/10 of a mile into the run, but the beauty of this area doesn't allow me to think about my legs for too long. A doe with two little fawns scamper right in front of me as I complete the first mile.

The hills really slow me down, but it doesn't matter according to my Goofy Plan. I can run the weekend at any pace I feel like. I'm right about at 10 min/miles today. Some of these hill inclines are easily 15%.

I wasn't paying attention completely and ran out 4.8 miles. This is an out and back so I'll get to run 9.6 miles this morning.

A fantastic morning run! 93 minutes in the fresh northern air!