Tuesday, July 04, 2006

5K Rockets

8 AM local 4th of July 5K was a success!

Finished in under 24 minutes (23:59.97 according to their official reported time). This is 1 minute faster than last year. 90 seconds faster than 2-years ago. I'm making some progress. :)

Though I've run significantly faster 5k's at other races, it's the 4th of July. It's not the coolest morning run. 30 or even 40 degrees cooler would results in a better time, but none the less I'm getting a bit faster with age. Not bad!

Next year I might crack 23 minutes at this race.

Did a miles warm up run prior to the race then the 5k race then a 2 miles cool down SO I got in 6 miles this morning.

Afterwards I tanked up my JEEP with some gas. Remember I'd not taken a Treo photo yet...so I did. (see gas pump in photo).

I showered, back to watch the parade (which was 90 minutes of fun) and then watched the shuttle Discovery lift off successful on the 4th of July! Ok, I watched that on CNN.