Sunday, July 02, 2006


I found out this afternoon that humidity of 82% makes 77 degrees seem HOT!

I did the first mile at a 7:30/mi pace. I was planning to see if I could keep this up for the first 3 miles then settle into an easier pace. I've got this local 5k race in a couple of days. I wanted to see what kind of pace I should be shooting for.

I hit the first 1/2 mile at 3:40. It seemed quite hard. First mile at 7:34. Next mile at 15:58. Well you get the idea. It was getting slower every step. The 5k mark was nearly 26 minutes.

As the miles racked up behind me, I got HOT and slower. I finished the last few miles, shirtless, sweaty and jogging. It was GREAT! Ha!

I ran my whole 7 miles in a time of 61:33.

Next run is a race! July 4th, 5k! Time to beat...last year's 25:01.