Sunday, July 16, 2006

Goofy 8-Mile Hot Dog

With the forecast for 96F today, I did NOT get up early to run! No 5:30 AM start today. Instead I slept in, ate an egg sandwich breakfast with some coffee, read some of the Sunday paper and THEN decided to venture out at 9 AM into the humid 85F weather. Decided a white shirt was likely a good idea. I packed 16 oz of water. Set another 16 oz on my car in the garage for my return. Off I went!

A slow 9:30/mile pace for the first couple of miles. After completely 14 miles yesterday, I was satisfied that my legs weren't in too bad of shape. By 2.5 miles, I was sizzling like a fried egg on the hood of a junked pickup in the Louisiana sun. I started playing with this image. Decided it must become a country song some day.

Back to running --> my normal loop is 6.9 miles. Since I needed 8 miles today to fufill the days requirement for the GOOFY PLAN, I turned off for a 1/2 miles out and back into a subdivision I run past. That ended up being 7/10 of a mile out...which means it was a 1.4 mile detour. Onward I go.

I continued to tell myself to not get sloppy with my running form as my legs got heavy. I shorten my stride a bit which helped me feel cooler (temp wise). I was hot! I did an iRun podcast then got back to finishing.

It took me close to 90 minutes to complete 8.25 miles. It took me another 15 minutes to cool down.

Starting Week #2 of the GOOFY PLAN, I'm still 100% on track!

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