Sunday, July 30, 2006

Goofy Week Four Begins

After a difficult 14 miles yesterday morning, I had no intention of another struggling run today. I did plan for a good healthy run.

My Goofy Plan calls for 10 miles today to kickoff week #4 of the plan. Yep, I'm showing up!

It's just as humid at 7 AM as yesterday, but the sky is hazy. The sun was trying to burn through, but not making much progress.

My Ascis were still wet this morning so I laced up my Nikes. I don't like them as much as the Ascis because I get a blister on my big left toe when I do long miles, but it's better than wearing wet shoes.

I'm carrying a liter of water with me. Same as yesterday, but 4-miles less to go today. My legs are in good shape this morning. I just have to mentally get into it. Showing up at the trail with my shoes on is 70% of the mental part.

Good run. I didn't struggle. Didn't get over heated. I took 30 second walk breaks at each mile after re-reading some Jeff Galloway stuff last night.

The humidity was strong. My 1 liter was gone by mile 8 so I refilled at the trusty "non-mirage" fountain I found yesterday. With 2-miles left I could hear thunder rumbling in the distrance. I was already completely soaked with sweat so I thought some rain would be ok. It didn't rain.

Finished 10-miles exactly according to my Garmin Forerunner 201. That makes a new month distance record of 125 miles!

Did an iRun podcast while I was out running too.