Sunday, September 17, 2006

Anything After Twenty

Some alterations to the Goofy Plan for this weekend.

Since I successfully completed 20 miles instead of 14 miles yesterday, I lowered today's miles to 7 miles (instead of 17). Doing anything the day following 20 miles is an accomplishment. Even walking. HA! On top of yesterday's workout the weather today is 80F with 62% humidity.

I decided to do my old 6.9 neighborhood loop. I haven't done this loop in a few months because of road work. With the weather being hot and yesterday's long run, I wanted just a nice solid run.

Wow, how soon I forget that it's much hard to run in hotter weather. I was still happy with my run. I felt good. My legs worked fine though they were tired. No knee, foot or ankle issues. Only thing that acted up with my GPS watch. It went in and out of sync a few times.

Completed the 6.9 miles in just under an hour.

Now that I'm thinking about it, that's pretty good! Just put myself in a better mood...And I was already in a fine mood!