Saturday, September 16, 2006

Final Long

With a 5:55 AM start, I completed my final "long run" prior to my October marathon.

The Goofy Plan called for 14 miles today, but Bill invited me to run 20 miles with him. Since I had time in my morning schedule, I said "sure!"

We ran the bike trail north. Jeff and Paul showed up to run too.

I was able to keep a nice pace for the whole run though mile 16 to 17 seemed harder than the other miles.

At mile 18.5, I did a world famous iRun Podcast.

Completed the 20 miles in 3:05:00 for a 9:15/mi pace. For you treadmill folks that converts to 6.5 MPH for 20 miles.

Not sure that I could have maintained this pace for another 6.2 miles for a marathon, but it felt mostly good today.

Had some chocolate milk right after running. Mmmm.