Saturday, September 09, 2006

Here We Go Again

Saturday morning, it's time for 14 miles.

Mid-50s and raining as I drive to the running trail -- I catch excuses (to not run) skipping through my brain. The task of 14 miles wins out over being a loser.

Since I'm scheduled for a much longer run tomorrow, I took it easy on this run. The first 7.1 miles took 1:07:45. Ran a negative split on the way back in 1:07:01. The total run took 2:14:47 which is ok for an easy 14.2 mile run.

For some reason I felt a bit achy. Maybe the perch I ate last night didn't provide me enough fuel. Maybe it's the 41 miles I've successful run this week!

I wrapped Goofy Week #9 up with a bow...and tied it. Done!

The world famous iRun Podcast is back today.