Saturday, September 30, 2006

Look Good & Smile

Even with a mid-month taper, I still had a record month of 140 miles.

As I finish out the month of Sept with today's 20 minute pre-marathon 2.2 mile run, I'm looking back over the past 3-months of training.

Overall it's been a great 3-months. 395 miles since July 1st. That about 4 1/4 miles per day. But I didn't run every day. I actually ran about every 3rd day. That bumps up the average miles per run to 10 miles. Wow, I hadn't realized this.

Only 12 hours until my 2nd marathon. I feel more prepared. I feel more prepared!

I'm still determining my race pace, but it will be somewhere between 9:00 & 9:15/mi. Significantly faster than my 1st marathon in January.

Stay on pace. Finish strong!

...look good & smile!! :)