Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tic Toc

3 1/2 days until the marathon.

My Goofy Plan called for just 3-miles today. I went after work on a faster than marathon pace "short run". I wanted to run around a minute faster per mile than marathon pace just to get my legs moving. I was able to hold an 8:00/mi pace though I was 30 sec faster for the first mile so not an even pace.

My legs felt fine, but I was breathing hard. Pointed out the need for some track or speed workouts after the marathon. I'm slow because I haven't trained to be faster. I've focused my training on being able to run further at a steady pace. Not a bad thing at all, but some additional speed needs to be tweaked into the Goofy Plan after this marathon.

With the marathon on Sunday, I don't have any more runs scheduled until race time. I think I'll run 3 on Saturday just to keep the legs moving. I'd also like to roll past 140 miles for the month!