Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dark Matter

It was 81F this evening as I again ran a quick 3 miles. The same route as yesterday. It seemed hotter.

I paced the first mile slower than yesterday. It was about 7:40/mi. The last two miles were also sub 8:00/mi. I finished 5 seconds faster than yesterday.

If I continue to take 5 seconds off my 3 miles EVERY time I run, I will finish before I start 278 runs from now. Actually, I will finish run #278 a second before I start. Now that would be fast!

I could do a marathon in -9 seconds. If I kept running marathons I'd not even be born yet. Seems like it would be harder to run then! I wonder if I could run through dark matter then. I might need a pair of Nike DM shoes.

(see what happens when I run in the heat! ha!)

Tomorrow is a tempo run.