Sunday, August 07, 2005

10-Miler Race

About 300 people showed up for the Cudahy 10 miler or 5-miler along the western shores of Lake Michigan. Temps were low 70s with the sun shining brightly. Not much of a breeze off the lake. Since I've been running in some hot weather, this really seemed great. I did hear a few people commenting about it being hot this morning.

The race was very well organized. I got there 20 minutes prior to race time. They were still prepared for me to signup, get my number and a nifty clothes bag. I met a few friends from work that are better faster runners than me. They asked me if I had a race (time) goal for the run. I decided 90 minutes for 10 miles would make me very satisfied. Since I've never run specifically a 10-mile race. Anything that gets me across the finish line is a PR (personal record).

The race started right on time. I set out for a 9 minute mile pace for 10 miles. The course was a 5 mile loop along the lake. For the 10-miler they routed us around the finishing area for another lap. Plenty of water stations. I only skipped a few of them because it got hotter as the sun rose higher. I jokingly always asked for a "free" one. I might run faster if I stopped being so friendly and focused, but life is short.

Now the bad news, I forgot my Garmin 201 watch in my Jeep. I was concerned about my feet because I've got a blister on my right index toe. Right on the tip, ouch! I put a bandage on it and powered up. Left the watch in my bag. Ok, it didn't matter. The course was marked with big signs for each mile. The guys from work ran with me for the first 6 miles. They kept telling me the time. We were right on my pace. At 6 miles I ate some Accel Gel for breakfast. At a water station between 6-7 miles, fortunately and amazingly, I lost my "pacers" behind me! :) So I did an iRun Podcast DURING that section of the race!

As the 10 miles grew closer, the last 880 yards were marked with a sign. I picked up the pace slightly (or at least in my mind). The final 440 yards were marked with a sign. I picked up the pace for real...I think. I crossed the finish at 1:28:30 exactly. I felt like I could have kept the pace for another mile or two. Easy to say since I didn't have to run another mile or two.

I'm thrilled to have run a pace faster than 9 minute miles for ten complete miles. Holy cow! All those train runs are paying off.

Next to the finish line, the run club had a feast of fruit, breads, cookies, water, gatorade, brownies. I saw a keg of beer near by too. I stuck to gatorade (about 6 cups).

I'm not sure what race I'll run next. I plan to take a few days off and then get back to running. Disney Marathon here I come!