Friday, August 19, 2005

Band of the Week

I see web traffic coming in from the UK's "Feet Up" site. I've been selected as "band of the week" on Aug 18, 2005! Wow, thx! My posting about Cool Creek was referenced too. Here's what was being said:

Band of the week: Arthur Vance

Can a solo artist be "band" of the week, sure, it's my category, what I say goes!

Just to muddy the water further, Arthur's actually more of a song writer than a full-on rock star, and he didn't even play on Cool Creek his most famous track to date, but with a tune this good that really doesn't bother me, and it's an admirable bit of ego-control by Arthur.

I'll have to get some more songs stuff posted. I've been so busy running that I almost forgot to write and record a bit!