Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Early Morning Run

Another early morning 7 mile run. I was out running before 6 AM. Nice 70 degree weather. Though I didn't "want" to get out of bed, I told myself (and this blog) that I would be out running. I knew I had no time in my schedule anytime after 7 AM so early was the only options.

After 2-days of rest since the 10-miler race, the blister on my toes is almost completely healed and I needed to get back at it. Instead of wearing my Asics I decided to wear my Nikes since they wear a bit differently. They look neat though I don't like them as much, but rotating the shoes seems logical. I did stick a finger bandage on my toe. That worked well.

I ran a pace that felt good. Not too fast, but with it cooler I can go faster without it being any more effort. Took my water, Accel Gel and Treo phone. Ate some Gel at 2 miles. Took some pictures and did my famous iRun podcast past the five mile mark.

5 runs in 10 days for 34.7 miles in August so far. I'm right on pace. For a rank amatuer I'm doin' good! I finished the 6.9 miles in 59:57 having to push that last 1/2 mile to keep it under 1 hour. Felt really good. No pain anywhere.

Schedule is full tomorrow so I'm going to try for a run on Friday.