Sunday, August 14, 2005

Who is gonna make it?

In the long run, I plan on making it to 26.2 miles on January 8, 2006. I'm going to be one of the people that trains up and gets myself in shape for this marathon. I want it to be a great experience not one that is grueling and aweful.

I've NEVER been a "runner". Even less of a long distance runner. I remember almost dying trying to do that 600 yard run for the Presidential Physical Fitness awards when I was kid. Some how I always made the time, but I felt like puking. I wanted that award!

In high school, I wasn't good enough to make the basketball team. I got cut. I liked football, but would have gotten killed. I wasn't interested in cross country or track. I remember going to one track practice and they made everyone run the halls up and down stairs. I never went back. I finally lettered in tennis just because the whole team sucked. I was next to awful, but made varsity by playing the most bizarre game of doubles. I never practiced. I've never played another game of tennis since high school. Hmmm...I bet it's kind of fun. I had fun playing back then even if I was rotten. At least I knewn the rules.

I'm learning the rules of running now. I started for "good health" when I found myself over weight and out of shape in a photo, on the scale and at the doctor's office. I've stayed at it for health, but I've also found it rewarding mentally. The sense of accomplishment is gratifying. Either I do it or I don't do it. If I'm too lazy then my laziness is right there square in front of me STARING at me. There's no one else to point at. There aren't any short cuts.

Today I got in a 1.1 mile "fast" walk with the dogs. We were on the bike trail. After that, I rested for a bit by reading a bunch of newspapers at home. I then strapped on the fuel belt and headed out around noon for a run. Ate some Accel gel at 4 miles and another at 9.5 miles.

I took a picture at 4 miles while I was feeling good. "Hi"Pokey!

Another picture at 11 miles. I was almost out of water. I decided to do an iRun podcast since I needed to distract myself. As I rounded mile 12, I realized that not only was my pace faster than my Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 marathon (2:08:30) last January, I had a shot at under 2 hours! So with the sun beating down and out of water, I turned it up a gear. I'm sure I cut off at least another 5 seconds. Ha! I snapped a picture of my watch at 13.1 miles 2:00:18! I'm making progress because I wasn't racing this. I was just out doing a nice long run.

Now that a 1/2 marathon distance was passed, I was ready to be done. The last .9 miles were long. I took off my shirt. I took off my sun glasses. I took off my cap. Pushed onward. Finally I snagged the Accel drink off my NSX wing at 13.7 miles as I arrived home, but STILL not to 14 miles so back down the driveway.

for the 14 miles. That's 23.6 miles in the past 24 hours!