Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sunrise Running

Set two alarms to make sure I got up and out for an early morning run. The sun is coming up later so the early morning runs are going to move indoors within the next month. It's not safe with the traffic in a couple of areas to run here when it's dark outside.

Today it was gorgeous at 5:50 AM. Fog rolling across the fields with the sun breaking over the horizon. The air was cool. Felt like it was in the upper 50s when I started.

Since I had two days off since running 14 miles, my legs felt completely rested. With the air cool and a good night's sleep, I hit the road feelin' great. I was cruisin' from the start.

As I turned my run toward the west at about 6 AM, I took a picture. Check out that sun. The picture says a thousand words, but real life was fantastic. I hit every major point at PR time on my home 6.9 mile loop. Wow, I'm making progress.

I worked in an Accel gel at 4 miles. Drank only a bit of water since it was cool.

I was unable to get my iRun podcast to broadcast on the run. The number I dial on my Treo was busy. I'm wondering if the audiolog service went out of business. If that's the case, I'll find another way. First run without a podcast in a month. :(

I don't remember exactly, but I went past the 10k point around 51-something and finished the 6.9 miles at exactly 56:00!

That's 95 seconds off my fastest previous time (July 27th) but it was cooler today. I could have run this faster if I had been racing it. I'm having FUN!