Saturday, July 30, 2005

100 Plus

It is 100 from my view. You can look in the mirror!

Now I'm at 100 plus miles for the month every step forward is a personal record. It feels good! One more day of PR's then starting a new month.

I had a nice paced 7 mile run early this afternoon. I'm getting better at the hot run...accept for this past Sunday. I'm taking some liquid with me. Finding a good pace. Getting out there and doin' it.

I was thinking about boredom while I was out running. I've read about people getting bored while running. It's the reason they run with other people or listen to music as they run. I looked up the word bored to see if I'm missing something. According to, bored is to make weary by being dull, repetitive, or tedious. Hmmm, running is certainly repetitive and it is tedious. Maybe I'm bored and just don't know it? I don't think so. There are so many things to think about. So many observations to make about my body, my mind, my time, my progress, the weather, taking pictures, podcasting, eating, drinking and observations of stuff along the roadside like flowers, fields of wheat, the shape of the road as it goes into the distance, dead deer, dirty hats, pieces of clothing, dirty magazines, beer cans, ducks, horses, dogs, hawks, car parts, a shoe, horse poop, raccoon poop, dog poop, ???? poop, a CD, tape, dirt, weeds, stains, vultures, fishing lures and more. Maybe I'll have to take pictures of some of this stuff. Whatever the case, I haven't been bored at all during my 100+ miles this month!

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Completed my 6.9 mile run today in: 63:53