Sunday, July 31, 2005

125 Miles in July

Wow, I hit 125 miles for July!

I needed 14 miles today to make it happen. A big task since my longest run this month was 7.5 miles. I know that it's recommended to only add 10% onto your long runs each time. I decided to just listen to my body (legs). I could bail at 7 miles since I loop back past my house at that point. I would also take some 1 minute walk breaks, but I WANTED 14 miles.

Out I went just after 8 AM this morning with temps in the upper 70's. My legs were a bit tired for the first mile. Had to play games with my brain about the 14 miles. I got into a nice slow pace and just ran. Weather was great, but still hot for running.

I snapped a picture with my Treo 650 in "my spot" with the run in my face just prior to the 4 mile point. Things were going good!

Here is my "part A" iRun Podcast early into the my run.

I consumed all my Accelerade drink by the time I passed my house at 7 miles. I stopped into my garage for 10 seconds to exchange my empty bottle for a full 16 oz bottle of water. It took me 10 seconds because I guzzled about 5 oz of water from another bottle I had set there waiting for me. I also dropped off an empty Accel Gel packet and picked up another. I had to be careful with all this stuff because I had it all lined up on the back wing of my NSX (car). I bet not many people have ever used an NSX rear wing as a a water station!

Back out running, I wiggled my toes to see how they were doing at the 8 miles. A couple of tired ones, but nothing was going wrong. No tight muscles either. I just kept the pace. Since I was running a loop I passed all the same stuff twice. Still didn't find it boring.

I snapped another picture with my Treo as I passed the same area at around 11 miles. More cloud cover by this time.

I could feel the fatigue starting, but I dismissed it. Here is my "part B" iRun Podcast at 11 miles into my run.

I passed the 1/2 marathon point at around 2 hours 12 minutes then took another 1 minute walk break before bringing it all home...ok, I didn't burning it up at the end, but I did push onward.

Completed the 14 miles in 2 hours 21 minutes and 44 seconds.

I've consumed about 100 oz of liquid since I started the run. Other than sweat, not much has come back out.

August is NEXT!