Saturday, July 23, 2005

Rollin' Thunder

I haven't run since Tuesday so I was getting antsy to get moving.

I've decided to run the Full Moon 4 Miler race tonight, but couldn't resist getting out this afternoon for my normal 7 mile run. I bebated with myself for 15 minutes about the pros/cons of going out running this afternoon prior to this race. A big positive for running this afternoon is that if I run the race slower than I like I can always point to the fact that I ran 7 miles earlier in the day. Ha! I finally looked at my miles for the week. I only had 13.8 miles. A 4 miler would make it 17.8, but I really should be doing more than 20 each week. Even my doctor told me to workout more.

So, I powered up my feet with BlisterShield. Put on my running socks, shorts, shirt, cap, ForeRunner, Asics and FuelBelt. Added a Accel Gel to my belt along with my Treo 650, Jabra 250 and 12 oz of Gatorade.

Did my iRun Podcast #3. Check it out here! this is an audio post - click to play

Finished in 1:06:56 with 83F temp. Overcast & started raining on my head the last 1/4 mile.