Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hot Hot, Hotter Than...

As I finished reading about Lance Armstrong in the Sunday's sports section, I knew that I needed to get out for one more run during the weekend. That means I had to run today. Well, it's not just hot outside. It's SUPER hot at around 100 F with humidity around 50%. Holy heat wave BM!

I decided to lace up my Nikes instead of the Asics just to give my feet a change of pace since I ran 11 miles in the Asics yesterday. I got myself about 16 oz of Gatorade and a GU Energy Gel along with a white running shirt and an off-white cap. Umm, I did wear shorts too...dark blue ones.

The first couple of miles were great. A nice slow pace with an excellent breeze in my face as I headed West. I took a 30 sec walking break when I turned the corner south at a little over 2 miles.

Back running, I hit a section of country road that was resurfaced last year. It's very dark black. The heat was intense coming back up off the road. I tried to run on the shoulder, but there really isn't one. Man it was hot. I hit the 5k point at just over 30 minutes, but the next 5k took me 39 minutes. I ran out of Gatorade at 4.5 miles with 2.5 miles left in the baking heat. I took numerous walking breaks so that I could live another day.

I mustard up the energy to run the last 3/4 mile. The 7 miles took me 77:40. WOW it was hot!

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