Sunday, July 17, 2005

Kiss Me

Here is the new mix of my slow rock song "Kiss Me Again." I've been messing around with this mix over the past few days.

I've worked on the drum kit sound in the mix. Ron Wikso plays this track like he still has big rock hair. But in previous attempts at mixing the 13 mics on his live kit, I still had the drums sounding a bit whimpy. I ended up killing the L/R room mics and just going with the overheads for the cymbals and room feel. What do you think?

As in my demo, we've got a number of guitars on this thing. Kurt's just playing them better than me. Tried to find a few spots for the acoustic to come through in the mix. I've done some more aggressive EQing on the guitars to provide some more frequency band width for other the vocals. Are the guitars heavy enough?

I decided to Melodyne a couple of harmony vocal parts in a few spots that seemed to need them. I was going to just sing them, but I knew that would have been a whole new tangent. I decided to see if I could just fake the harmonies using Joe Retta's orginal lead. Yep that harmony is fake. What do you think?

In the intro, I've got only percussion going instead of the full drum kit. We've got full kit recorded, I just didn't use it. What do you think of that?

The organ and piano are mixed for sweetening. Pecussion is done the same way in the mix. Did it work?