Friday, July 08, 2005

Save Gumby & Pokey?

A few weeks ago I found my old original Gumby & Pokey. These are probably 35 years old...maybe slightly older. I don't remember getting them, but I certainly remember having them as a kid.

Pokey has faired alright with only some small chunks out of his head and a worn tail, but Gumby is showing his skeleton in three different spots and his right leg is just holding on for dear life. I remember glueing his leg (about 34 years ago) even though if hadn't come completely off.

So the big question, should I sell them on eBay? If I do, should I sell them together or apart? Let me know your thoughts! Should they stay or should they go?

They've been together all these years in a box in my parent's garage attic. Posted by Picasa