Thursday, July 21, 2005

A couple of days full of business meetings so it's now 7:15 PM without a run in 2-days. I wore some shoes dress shoes yesterday that I now realize are a couple of sizes too small. I didn't know how shoes should fit until I better understood runnering.

Talk with some business friends about working out and getting/being in shape. I had a couple of recommendations to add strength/weight training to my schedule. I did this seriously for 3-months a few years ago. I know I should work it back into my routine. Good advice. My brother has just started back up with some strength training so maybe that will motivate me a bit.

Today, another business friend was asking for advice for training for a triathlon he's doing in 3 1/2 weeks. I asked him what he'd been doing so far. "Nothing" was his answer. My recommendation was "don't drown!" ...I've never don't a triathlon, but not drowning seems like a good idea.

In the July 2005 edition of Runner's World, the magazine named the Full Moon 4 Miler Run/Walk (Wisconsin) as one of five races in the United States that one should enjoy this month (July). I'm either going to drive to do that race this weekend OR I'm going to drive to the Gregg Rolie concert in Oak Lawn (Illinois) to hang out with the band. If you're in the either area, check out one of these events. I'm sure both will be fun!