Saturday, July 23, 2005

Full Mooning

I ran the Full Moon 4-Miler Race tonight. Finished in 32:33 according to my ForeRunner 201. I think it took me about 5-6 seconds to get to the starting line so my official time was something like 32:37. The Time Warner Bugs Bunny was at the starting line. Sorry I didn't get in the picture with bugs, but I was thinking about running at that time. At least I snapped the picture with my Treo 650.

My legs are feeling better good for doing this 4-miler considering that I already ran 7 miles earlier this afternoon. I snapped a picture of me in the dark (this did start at 9 PM) at about a 1/2 mile into the race.

This is my first 11 mile day since I did the 1/2 marathon back in January. Way to go, me!

The course had more serious uphill climbs than I expected. I'll have to check my ForeRunner watch to check out the climb, but we went up near the water tower. Since this was an out & back kind of race, we did get to go back downhill for a whole section on the way back. I was trying to tell myself that this was easy, but it didn't help me go much faster.

I'm satisfied with my 8:09 per mile pace for 4-miles. I wanted to do 8's, but this is fine. For those treadmill people, that's a 7.5 mph pace for 4 miles. I should mention that I passed 3-people in front of me over the last 100 yards. I didn't even feel bad about it. LOL! One of the guys was in my age group too. Overall I came in something like 125th out of 500. It was fun. I feel good!

Prior to the race, I knew that the band Alibi was going to be playing post-race. I went over to the tent to checkout their setup. I snapped a pic. Since the Treo 650 doesn't have a flash, the night pictures aren't all that great. You can kind of see the Alibi drumset and lights behind me.

I got a chance to say "hi" to Heather and Erik. I had commented on their new blog a few days ago. I was thrilled to see a local gigging band adopting the technology. I didn't mention that they need an RSS feed, but they can ask me about that if they're connected. I do think that Erik may actually live in a van down by the Fox River. I couldn't stay to listen to their final set, but I'm guessing he's a little green globbular by now since he hadn't been in a gardening accident. I actually saw Spinal Tap live at the Riverside!

Ok, back to tonight's events. There was a big search light going for the whole event and fireworks. Fun time!

Interesting the decision we make in life. It was this 4-mile race with entertainment by Alibi or hang out in Chicago backstage with Gregg Rolie who founded Journey & Santana. I went for this! It was more effort, but a great time.